Learn Razor.NET A new tool

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Today we are going to discuss Razor.NET (ASP.NET Razor). It is like a wrapper on .NET very useful easy to learn.

Before going further as you know I am big fan of WWH so we will use WWH (What, why, how) questionnaires What is Asp.net Razor (Razor.net)?

Razor is a free tool by Microsoft by which you can write your Server side code using either VB.NET or C# syntax or you can say Asp.net Razor is new technique for writing code.

It just likes your classic ASP & PHP code. You need to write code in design page and server side code start with @ symbol.

So it will be easier for you if you have some hand over classic ASP or PHP.

 Why Razor?

As you know in the near future everything is on Mobile, PDA, and touchpad and most probably on HTML5. So great news is as per my thought Razor is developed just because of that goal. It is simple and easy to use. It helps in Mobile web development.

How to use it?

To use Razor you have to download a new tool which is called Web Matrix. Web Matrix is new IDE for developing Razor Application, which provide various utility which help you in develop a Razor application. You can download IDE from http://www.microsoft.com/web/downloads/platform.aspx

What is CSHTML & VBHTML Extension?

CSHTML & VBHTML are new file extension in Razor. The CSHTML file denotes that code is written in C# language and VBHTML denotes that code is written in VB.NET.

What is @RenderPage () function in Razor?

If you are ASP or PHP developer than you are aware of how to include a file. Render page function is used for reusable content. For example suppose you define a layout in which you have header page, footer page and content page and header page & footer page you required in all the content page then  you have to write just a simple line to include that file


Other than this there are so many useful function like IsPost , @RenderSection(), @RenderBody Etc

which we will discuss in our next post.

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How to resolve “AJAXControlToolKit required Ajax 4.0 script.”

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Recently my college got problem in AJAX file upload control which is “AJAXControlToolKit required Ajax4.0 script

see the error detail in below snap.

 So the reason behind this he is using AJAX script manager not AJAX toolkit script manager. Now you have question when to use script manager and when to use AJAX toolkit script manager so my suggestion is always use AJAX toolkit script manager because it is faster than script manager in many ways and if you try to find difference between AJAX script Manager & AJAX Toolkit script manager then you will find AJAX toolkit script manager is best option for enhancement of your web app performance also.

(If you have not downloaded AJAX toolkit Script Manager then you can download latest  AJAX toolkit and install on your machine)

 So Enjoy weekend.

 Happy Makar sakranti (Indian New Year)

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AJAXminifier a tool for website performance enhancement

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Today I am going to share one more interesting utility provided by Microsoft which is called “Microsoft Ajax Minifier”.
Microsoft Ajax Minifier is a utility which will help you in minimizing the size of your Java script and CSS.
You can download this utility from http://www.asp.net/ajaxLibrary/Download.ashx
You can use this by command prompt.
For example I want to minimize the default.css of my project then I will follow following steps
Step 1: Run  ajaxmin command as shown in below fig

Step 2: if command is successful then you will get following screen

In this way after successful execution if you see the size of CSS file it significantly reduced as shown in below fig.

You have seen all the steps and utility now you are thinking why we have to use this and how it will work. So the answer is if your JS & CSS file size is less then it will take less time in load and your website will be faster. The working is as simple as you thought

AJAXMinifier remove all the unwanted white space, curly braces and use short hand in declaration and many more techniques for reducing the size.

I hope this will help you and me also in performance boost.
Keep enjoying Microsoft tools.

Thanks & best regards,
Rajat Jaiswal