How to make a website SEO Compatible ?

Hello Friends,
It’s quite obvious that if you make a website than you all  need that it should come up in search engine like Google, yahoo, msn etc and many more easily.
For that there are first and most important thing is that  your site should be compatible with SEO.
So you think what is SEO? How is it implement with my site ?
So here we goes to understand SEO.
Basically SEO is Search Engine Optimization. When your site is SEO Compatible it means your  site easily search in search engines.

I am providing  some basic steps how to make your site compatible with SEO.

1)      URL Name:-
       First and most important  thing is your domain name. It should relevant to your content  like if you are site has relevant to blog, then there should be blog related word, if its related to Job then there should be job related word, if its related to social cause then there should be social cause relevant word in your domain.

“If you have already booked domain name” then need not to worry we have some other few steps.

2)   Title :-
Another most important thing is  title. Google and other search engine scan title first so that should be very relevant.

3)      Meta :-
Meta Description is another important so there should be relevant description which help in searching for end user to search in search engine.

4)      Image name:-
Image name should be relevant to  the site the keyword. Image name should be related to keyword.
For example if image name is image1.jpg than it should be Free-music.jpg. I mainly prefer it should  started with your domain, or keywords.
You should use Alt attributes .

5)      H1 (Headline) tag use :-
Headline tag like H1 to H6 very important. They play important role in search. So whatever which is relevant to your web site that can be used in search should be in H1 to H6 tag.

6)      Hyper Reference :-
Whenever you  are providing the hyper reference then that should be relevant to  keyword which can we search.

7)       Other than that you can  add your page or website in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engine.

8)       Create Page name relevant to keyword

9)      Create back links for your websites, Do blogging , twitting  for website.

10)   Last but not the least  pay Google or other search engine for showing your website in sponsor links.

I hope it will help you.

Rajat Jaiswal