How to create your first SQL SERVER WINDOWS VM with in Alibaba Cloud computing–Step by Step

In the last post, we reviewed the ECS (Elastic Computing Service) Of Alibaba Cloud. Now, In this post, we will try to create our first SQL SERVER windows server within a few basic steps.

Here the best part is you can go with either PAY-AS-YOU-GO or monthly subscription and choose any operating system, configuration depends upon your need and budget.

Prerequisites:- You should have Alibaba Cloud account.

Once you sign in with your username and password then follow below steps.

Step 1: After login click on the console option as shown in below figure


Step 2:- You will get the Dashboard screen. Here You have to click on Products and select Elastic compute Service as shown in below screen.


Step 3:-  You will get below screen where you will find your existing resources in the specific region in the middle.


We can also view all existing instances from Instances menu option on the left-hand side. so just click it.

Step 4:  Here as you can see below on the screen. You will get the list of all the instances as a tabular list in the middle. You can change the region from the upper left option of the region.


As we have to create a new instance of Windows server with SQL SERVER configuration so just click on Create instance as shown in the above figure.

Step 5:- As you click the button you will find the below screen where you can define your own configuration & operating system from the available list.

So, let’s start from the top where you need to select the Billing method which could be Subscription basis or Pay AS You Go basis depends upon your need you can avail this.


In the next step, you have to select the region. Which is again depends on your product need. For example, I am in India and creating a product for Indian Market so, I have selected Mumbai region (Asia).

After selecting the region you have the option to select the CPU and RAM. Just to let you know here if you go for Subscription basis then there might be some extra option for CPU or RAM. here in our example, we are going with PAY AS YOU GO option so we have some less option for CPU but it is more than enough.

Step 6: Once the CPU & RAM is finalized in the next step we have to choose the operating system. Here we have a public image, custom image, shared image & Marketplace image option.

As most of the time Marketplace have an image which we required so we can use as is if required else we can create a public image or use other option which is available.


Here in this example, we are using marketplace image


So, just click on Select from Image market. when you click this option you will get a pop window with various pre-built image option where some of them are free and some of them are not free.

For the current demo, I am using a free image as shown in below screen.


Step 7:- After selecting the image the next step is to choose the Hard Disk. Where we have 2 options ULTRA CLOUD & SSD CLOUD disk


Now, It again depends upon the cost and performance matrix which one would you like to have on your machine. I am selecting ULTRA cloud disk 40 GB for the demo.

Step 8:- Now once this is done in the next step you have to check the Network billing method. Here you have to define network bandwidth depends upon your need.


Apart from this as you can see for security reason you can open or close the port as per your need. some common port configuration can be done here like 80,443 etc.

Step 9:-  You are almost done. On the next screen, you will see the existing configuration and here you have 2 great features


1) You can save the current configuration template which you can launch later if required.

2) You can configure the release of the resource as well for example the current configuration which I am doing will be autorelease at the specific time.

Step 10:-  Once you have done with this step and accept the term and condition you are good to go and you will be redirected to Instances page.


Here you can see your recently, created instance is available. Once it is started. In the next step you can access the machine, by clicking more option, apart from this you can reset the password and release the resource at any time.

Step 11:- Just click on connect and provide proper username & Password which you set for VM.


I hope you enjoyed the setup of the machine in 10 easy steps.

In the next blog, we will see something more interesting in Alibaba Cloud.

First STEP TOWARDS Elastic Computer Service (ECS) in ALIBABA cloud Service

In the last post, we learned how to grab domain name using Alibaba Domain Service. Now, before jumping further let’s understand the first and most interesting part which is Elastic Computer Service (ECS).

By the name, It might give you some sense that a service which might have Elastic feature. Isn’t it?

Let me explain you this by one example, suppose you have a  nice e-commerce site which you hosted on a dedicated server from a xyz hosting service. So, far your e-commerce site is working fine and now holiday season came and all of sudden you find there is much more traffic than your expectation and your site started crashing. You get lots of feedback from the end consumer that your site is not responding properly. In such case, you will think of network bandwidth upgrade and also upgrade the hosting package which is obvious but after holiday season off you still dealing with the same high-end server which might not be required going forward. Apart from this, you might need to have to have a backup server always to disaster recovery and for that also you are paying a high cost.

So, in Alibaba Cloud Computing Elastic Computer Service gives you the flexibility to solve this type of problems.

With Alibaba ECS service you can create a machine with desire configuration like –upgrade /downgrade bandwidth, RAM, Storage by simple steps and within a few minutes moreover pricing is very cheap.

Alibaba Cloud ECS is secure which is a most important need for any e-commerce business.

To setup, a virtual machine in Alibaba ECS is very easy.

Before proceeding further let me share important points that would help you create your configurations.

ECS Billing mode:-

1) PAY AS YOU GO-  Which means you have to pay the amount of hourly use. Most of the time people choose this plan for a development machine and other best part is you can schedule the release of the resource as well or can release anytime when you want.

2) Subscription:- This is another billing mode in which the charge would be on the subscription basis. This will be a good option for production machines where we have to run web application or database 24 X7.

Zone & Region:-  Here Zone and region mean the actual or we can say physical data center. for example, if your website target area is India then the ECS should create in Alibaba’s  Asia Pacific region and Mumbai Zone.

Elastic computing:

With Alibaba Cloud support Horizontal & vertical scaling. We can do load balancing, upgrade, downgrade resources anytime.

I hope with this you might have a basic understanding of ECS.

In next step, we will see a  5 easy step to deploy your first ECS Windows operating system instance.

Just wait for tomorrow.

Are you aware for your free domain .TECH with Alibaba Cloud Service

In our step by step tutorial this is our next post in which we will see how to avail your free .TECH domain with Alibaba Cloud computing.

Apart from cloud services  Alibaba Cloud Computing also sell Domain names which we can avail with minimum amount.

A good news is that you can avail .TECH domain free for 1 year. Below are the steps.

So in the first step login to the Alibaba Cloud and check the  Free trial.You will find below option as shown below


Step 2: – Click on  Try Now  button to proceed further


Step 3:-   Now you have to search your domain name which you want . If  that domain name is available then you will find in below list. Just select the checkbox in front of the domain name. In the current demo we are going for a free domain which is .TECH and luckily Indiandotnet.TECH is available. So, I am selecting that and clicking on AddToCart button.   After clicking the we will get following screen.


Step 4:- once you check and everything looks good to you in next step

you have to register for domain which is required for domain ICANN. You will find  below notification if you have not registered.


Step 5:- Simply create registration profile to proceed further and you will find below screen of registration.


One point is to remember here the information like registration email and contact number should be valid. Once your email is verified then only you can place order.


Step 6:- Now next you will get confirmation order screen as shown below


step 7:- Once you confirm all your detail is good and everything looks good click on next step where which is payment. As this is a free trial account for 1 year so it is absolutely free. so you don’t need to pay anything. if you see here pay is $0.00


Step 8:- Just click on Pay button and you are will find confirmation screen as shown below and congratulations you avail 1 year free .TECH domain.


Now , it might be your next question now where we can find this domain .


Apart from free domain other domain also available in very cheap price which you can try.

I am pretty much sure will try the free domain and buy new domains going forward.