encrypt stored procedure or database objects

Hello Friends,
In last post we have talked about obfuscation of DOTNET project. We talked how to secure the code from reverse engineering.
Today I am interested in sharing one more thought on this how to encrypt stored procedure or database objects.
We can easily encrypt a stored procedure by encryption option (With (encryption))
Here is example
Below image show how to create encrypt option

Stored procedure Encryption

Below image proof that our stored procedure encrypted

secure stored procedure
Encrypted stored procedure

The only drawback which I have seen in this the stored procedure can be decrypt from 3rd party tools easily.
still searching some more powerful option.
Thanks & Regrads
Rajat Jaiswal

Secure your code from Reverse engineering & encrypt your code

Hello friends,
After developing complex business logic application in .NET most of this we think how to secure our application code? How to prevent our website or software from reverse engineering?, Encrypt your code.
Because we know there are many tools which break the DLL like Reflector.

To prevent the DLL from reverse engineering there are many obfuscation tool. There are many obfuscation tools. Obfuscator (DotFuscator community edition) is one of the free tools which provide protection from reverse engineering.
It obfuscates the DLL. It is easy in use.  The steps are very simple just select the DLL and build.
It will obfuscate the code.
Hope it will help in securing your application from Hacker from reverse engineering.

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Rajat Jaiswal