Alibaba Cloud Registration Process–A step by STEP Tutorial

In the series on Step by Step tutorial of Alibaba cloud learning this our 2nd tutorial where we will describe registration process to avail free credits and use Alibaba cloud.

So the best basic step is just open URL 

On the main page, you will find a free Account button as shown in below image. Just click it to proceed further


After clicking the Free Account you will get the following screen where you need to provide basic details like your email & password to create an account. Remember the Email should be valid because a validation code will be sent by Alibaba Cloud services to verify your email account.


Once you fill your Email and password and click confirm. A Verification popup will open as shown in below screen where you have to click on the send button to send a unique code to verify your email account.


You have put that verification code and verify your account. Once your email is verified so I will say congratulations your account is created in Alibaba Cloud. Although, there are still a few pending steps. But before that you have to login into the system via the following screen as shown in the image.


After successful login, your half way is done you will get a nice dashboard screen as shown below .


Now, in next step, you have to setup payment method. So, in the payment method there are 2 options

1. credit card

2. PayPal

so, it depends what you prefer.


After providing proper details of card or payPal a minimum amount less than $1 transaction will be raised by Alibaba Cloud service to verify your payment information.

Now, You are good to go to use Alibaba cloud services.

In Next step we will learn more about Alibaba Cloud services and try to do some practical.


Alibaba Cloud Let’s get started–A Step by Step Tutorial

As you might aware or you might face the need for Cloud.
But if you are not aware of Cloud computing so don’t worry about that we will first describe what is Cloud Computing & need of it?

So, let’s understand this by an example so, before Cloud Computing if we want to host a website, then we have to do following things

1) Buy servers to host web application & your database. you have installed the required software like PHP, ASP.NET, MYSQL  etc which you required and then configure the application.
2) The second thing which we need to buy network traffic.
3) Once we have done with the above steps then next thing which is important is to maintain or monitor these servers and network traffic.
4) the space required to save the data.

Now, if you see the major disadvantage is we have to pay a high cost to maintain and monitor the servers and also the setup of the servers is expensive. The other thing is monitoring and troubleshooting is tedious. Sometimes we pay the unnecessary amount when our system is idle. Even when we required a high-end CPU /RAM or network traffic we cannot change frequently according to Our need. scale up & down is very difficult and time-consuming. Even if going forward if we need more space then it is quite difficult if we go without cloud.

To resolve all such issues  Cloud is the solution. Where we can just concentrate on our application or we can say business only rest all other is easy to handle by cloud service provider. We can increase RAM/CPU/SPACE /Network bandwidth as per our need.
Moreover, security and recovery are also can be defined on your fingertips.

In nutshell, Cloud is a big umbrella where you can fulfill your applications need without worrying on hardware like (CPU, RAM, Storage), Network bandwidth, security, and data recovery.

Below are main advantages
1) It is a self-service and easy to use
2) Save your money by paying only those services which you are using
3) Scale up and down based on your business needs

There are many companies which offer cloud computing (Services over the internet) and a well-known name is Alibaba Cloud computing services.

We can access  Alibaba cloud computing via URL

The best part of Alibaba cloud services giving you the free trial of worth $300-1200 isn’t it cool.

You can simply register yourself with your email to avail this free trial credits.

The registration process very simple and easy.


Below are some more features which Alibaba cloud computing has.

1) Alibaba has more than 100 software infrastructure as a services
2) Alibaba provides 11 different operating system options
3) Alibaba provides 16 developer tools
4) Alibaba provides approx 56 business apps.

So, why are you waiting to start Alibaba cloud computing?

In the next post, we will begin using Alibaba cloud computing.

Blazor.NET a new way to think web application

Recently, in March 2018 Microsoft launched the Alpha version of a new way of thinking to develop the web application which BLAZOR.NET.

Nowadays if you see yourself as a web application developer then you are heavily surrounded with JavaScript, for example, Angular JS, VU.JS etc.

In the nutshell, if you want to survive in the Web development field you have to have learned any of the above-mentioned JavaScript frameworks moreover need to learn JavaScript as well, which is good although.

But now Microsoft brings a new framework which Blazor.NET which I can say is the new way of thinking of web application development and without less dependency on JavaScript.

So, If you want to create any Single Page Application for which you to heavily dependent on the JavaScript framework like AngularJS earlier which you can avoid and create the sample kind of SPA application using Blazor.NET with your favorite C# language. Isn’t it a big surprise?

This New Blazor.NET framework helps .NET (C#) developers to create the web application with the help of web assembly without depending on Javascript.

We can use the same Razor syntax and C# language to create a web application.

Although it is an experimental project, surely it will be used with full swing soon.

We can start Blazor.NET project by the following step

We can start Blazor.NET project by following step

1) Install the latest preview of Visual studio 2017 (15.7)

2) Install .NET Core 2.1 preview

3) Install Blazor.NET extension

Let’s install all the above 3 required component and in the next blog, I will show step by step tutorial to create a blazor.NET.