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Today I am going to continue our second part of mirroring which is part II. In this part we are going to implement mirroring step by step. just few steps and mirroring will work  for us.

Step 1:- Just right click on primary server’s database on which we have to setup mirroring.

  Once you right click you get following option just click on Mirroring option as shown in figure.

Just click on “Configure Security option”

 Step 2:- Once you click the mirroring option you will get following option screen.

If you want witness server then check witness server yes option otherwise continue with no option

I don’t require that so I selected “no” option.

 Step 3:-

 Once you click next then you will get following screen related primary server.

You just need to click next.


Step 4:- In the next step you will ask for mirror server so just connect with the mirror server.

**** The point which needs to remember that on mirror server database   the database should be restored with “No recovery option” with same name.

 wintness server

Step 5:- You will get Service account screen as shown below once you clear the step 4.

Now here if you have any special credential for services then give that credential otherwise leave it blank in my case I keep it blank.


Step 6:- Once you pass with screen 5 you get following screen. If everything successful then you will get success status as shown in below fig.


Step 7:- when you click finish then you will get mirroring option as shown in fig.

Just click on start mirroring option then mirroring start if everything is right.

 sqlserver mirroring

I am 80% sure that mirroring will work with this step  but 20% not just because sometimes  few errors comes like authentication, Server URL & Port etc so In coming chapters I will explain  the errors which will you face in implementing  mirroring.

 Till than enjoy mirroring.

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