Are you a smart Dotnet Developer?

Dear Friends,

As you are using Microsoft Visual Studio you have proved you already a smart person.
Most of the time we are doing lot of hard work to execute a project. If we see our back so we observe that we write thousand of the lines for a project (without actual logic). Sometimes a minor project can take number of days to complete.
When you think about a project most of the time we have to write same line of code except the core logic.  But again we have to write whole bunch of lines for the project and put lot of efforts from our side.
I realized that sometime I am only hard working programmer not smart programmer while I have many options provided by Microsoft to make myself a smart work. Although I tried many times to be smart programmer as you have seen in my previous articles like database utility, three tier architecture code generator, Macros code generator etc.
Here I want to share a small utility provided by Microsoft visual studio which will be a step towards making our self smart. Although this topic needs to be introduce in the same series of code generator but I am really sorry, I missed this utility at that time. Recently one of my friends asked me this question so I thought this should be share with every one because we are a team.
I know some of you aware of this utility, some of you using this but it is for those friends who really wants to improve and not aware of this.
The utility function is “Snippets “.  Are you surprised? , I don’t think so.
A snippet is a utility provided by Visual studio which is helpful in making us smart programmer.
We can access the Snippets by using Ctrl + K, ctrl + X key. When you press this in visual studio you will get the list of existing snippets codes existing is visual studio. We just need to select particular code which we required and change small variable declaration and bang, we will find we write a complete code in few minutes.
As shown in fig (1) we are accessing crystal report code

Great fig (2) shows we created bunch of lines for accessing crystal report by just simple clicks  one  more great thing is you don’t need to add reference in your code for require DLL the snippet automatically handle that.

We can create our own snippets and use them. For this we have to create a XML and whose structure is as follows.
<CodeSnippet Format=”1.0.0″>
Complex logic of Rajat Snippet
<Code Language=”CSharp”>
We can write n number of lines here with complex code

I hope it would be helpful topic enjoy smartness.

I urge you to share more utility which make us smart programmer.
Thanks & Regards
Rajat Jaiswal