I am not able to access my SQL server instance on another computer tip #98


On last Friday , one of my colleagues had some issue related to accessing of SQL Server instance of database server machine in the office through his machine. I think this is generalized problem and might be faced by many of us.

So to begin with  default port of SQL SERVER is 1433 , I am sure most of us aware of this.

If we are facing such issue then most of the time it means port 1433 is not opened on SQL SERVER instance machine.

To open the port 1433  we have to follow below steps 

1) Open firewall (using Firewall.cpl command ) as shown in below figure


2) You will get below screen now click on Advance setting option as shown in below screen


3) You will get a new screen. In this we need to add a new rule for for “Inbound” & “outbound” by clicking the respective navigation menu. When you will click on “Inbound rule or outbound rule you will below screen. Now click New Rule link as highlighted below


4) When you click the New rule link you will get a new screen. Now in this screen select port radio button and click on next button 


5)Now add specific local port 1433 as shown in below figure 


When you click next button you need to choose option “Allow the connection” and you are good to go by click Next button



These same steps you have to follow for Inbound & outbound rules and your SQL port 1433 will be open and you will be able to access your sql server instance from other computer machine.

I hope this tips might resolve your problem too.



How to determine whether particular port is open or not with IPAddress?

Dear All,

Sometime you face problem that whether a particular port is open or not for an IPaddress. The reason  may be firewall so first disable firewall.

So to determine this do particular steps.

Step 1:-

Click on start button of windows.

Step 2:-

Click on Run

Step 3:-

Type cmd  and press enter

Step 4:- you will get command prompt screen  type Telnet in command prompt screen

You will get   Telnet Prompt.

Step 5: type OPEN  IPAddress  port 

Step 6:- press enter  if new blank window is Opened  then port is open for IPAddress otherwise it not.

 Hope this will help you.