Silverlight Out Of Browser Application (OOB Apps) in simple steps

Hello friends,

As we have seen last night how to access Video capturing devices with Silverlight 4.0. Now today I thought why we don’t try for OOB Application means Out Of Browser Application.

Out of Browser application means you can run your Silverlight application just like an EXE we don’t require any browser like IE, Firefox etc to run our Silverlight application. So here is the step which we have to follow to get out of Browser application.

Step 1:- Check Silverlight project’s property page. On this page you will find a checkbox which is “Enable running application out of the browser” just check this checkbox as shown in below fig.

out of Browser application

Step 2:- Click on the button “Out-Of-Browser Settings…” and you will find below screen. In this screen you set title for the application, give description for the application, define icons for application.

Step3:- Be sure if you want to access local files of computer then check “Require elevated trust when running outside the browser” checkbox.  When this checkbox is checked then you can easily access the file from my documents and local directory easily it give full trust to your application.

Step4 :- you can  check whether the application is installed on machine or not with app.current.InstallState you can check Installation state if not installed the you can choose app.current.Install() method to install app.

OOB Application

Hope you will enjoy OOB application.

Thanks & Regards

Rajat Jaiswal