Introduction of Microsoft Chart control in 5 minutes Part -Ist


Hello Friends,

If you have ever work on Data warehousing project or any project which is related with MIS then you know what is need of Graphs.

As a programmer we really need to know how to show up the graphs. As graphs are useful in Data analysis as you people know and our customer many time demanding this.

For example. The need yearly comparisons of production stock need over all profit comparison.

Earlier for this we use Dundas charting control one of the finest control. Or many more available in market but now Microsoft announced same charting capable tool which is Ms Chart control

Especially very helpful with AJAX.

It’s easily available and for the most it’s free.

Below are the sites from where you can download the MS chart control. know you people eager to see example of it. But sorry folk this time I am in party this weekend so could not completed the example for this time but soon I am with the several example of Ms Chart control

And in next week defiantly with I will provide you chart control example and how to use it tutorial.

Till that time

Enjoy programming