Great option “SQLCMD” run DOS command in SQL Server Managment Studio

Dear All,
Today I am going to share one of the interesting options of SQL Server Management studio which may be unknown to most of us.
Now you are thinking what it is? So the cool feature is you can

run DOS command in your SQL Server Management studio

I know your next question is how?
My answer is just follow below step
Go To Tool –> Option
After option window open you need to select Query Execution tree and Select checkbox for


By default, Open new queries in SQLCMD Mode

Now open new Query window and write following command
!! Dir C:\
And hit F5
You will find below in the query result you have directory & files of your current C drive.
Just check below fig to understand.


In this way you can run various DOS commands.
!! Dir C:\New Folder

Isn’t it cool feature.

I hope you enjoyed it.


Keep Learning, Keep Sharing
Your friend,
Rajat Jaiswal

How to open SQL Server with command prompt with various option?

Dear All,

Today I am going to share some small dos which will helpful to open SQL Server Management Studio.

I am sure you are curious about

how to open SQL Server Management studio with command prompt.

So Let us start Currently when you go through SQL Server Management studio you have to process 2 step means first click the SQL server Management studio by clicking icon then login to the server.

Now check this out write following command in dos command prompt and press enter

C:\> ssms –E

You will find your SQL Server Management studio open without any prompt of Login authentication because here E stands for windows Authentication mode.
Now go deeper write following command

C:\>ssms –E –NOSPLASH

Now you found that the splash screen also not coming ,So similarly you can find various options to open SQL SERVER Management Studio using command prompt.

To know various options let us write following command


You will get following screen and you can any option from below screen to proceed further.


I hope you enjoyed the trick.

Thanks & Bes Regards, Rajat Jaiswal