Book details by ISBN using ASP.NET from

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In last post we have talked about ISBNDB.COM’s API and how to fetch the book detail using ISBN number from (

Now in this post we will talk about, which is another famous book detail service provider.
It provides the response in XML*


So let us start with step 1

The page design is just simple an ISBN textbox and a search button.

So to access this I have created a WORLDCAT URL

Private Const WORLDCATURL As String = “”

Now for change I have used Dataset here
Now on the search button click I did following code

If Me.txtISBN.Text <> String.Empty Then

‘Step2: Recreating the URL with specific ISBN number which provided by the end user
Dim requestURL As String
requestURL = WORLDCATURL + “/” + Me.txtISBN.Text.Trim() + “?method=getMetadata&format=xml&fl=*”

‘Step3: Created a xML document object and provided the Requested URL To it
Dim Doc As XmlDocument = New XmlDocument()

‘ step 4: created dataset object and providing the XML reader to dataset
Dim ds As DataSet = New DataSet()
Dim xmlReader As XmlNodeReader = New XmlNodeReader(Doc)

‘Step 5: It will return 2 tables if the isbn number is correct so below is the logic to get book detail
If ds Is Nothing = False AndAlso ds.Tables(1).Rows.Count() > 0 Then
Me.lblBookName.Text = ds.Tables(1).Rows(0)(“title”).ToString()
Me.lblAuthor.Text = ds.Tables(1).Rows(0)(“author”).ToString()
Me.lblPublisher.Text = ds.Tables(1).Rows(0)(“publisher”).ToString()
Me.lblMessage.Text = “Sorry ISBN Number not found, Please try different number.”
End If
Me.lblMessage.Text = “Please enter the ISBN number”
End If

So in this way we get the book detail from ISBN using provider.

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Rajat Jaiswal