A new milestone 125th post on Indiandotnet.wordpress.com so far so good

Dear Friends,
This post is different post from my regular technical articles and it is my 125th post on Indiandotnet.wordpress.com.

I would like to thank all of my friends, family members, colleges & most valuable the reader of this blog who continuously giving feedback and improving my skill also.
So thank you very very much.
Keep reading, Keep commenting, and keep giving feedback.
I need more improvement and I know you people will help me in sharing my thoughts.
God bless you all.

Happy Holidays.

Merry Christmas.
Rajat Jaiswal

Project List on which we will work in future

Dear Friends,

 Merry Christmas!

I Hope you are enjoying  the holidays.

 After seeing the market trend and requirements I am interested in making following projects which will help me and other friends to understand basic project development and use latest technologies with some productive output.

 In coming up sessions i am going to use this project topic and create sample with latest technologies like Silverlight, Windows phone 7, VS 2010 etc.

 So here we go

 1) College Management

 2) School Management

3) Job Portal

 4) Forums

5) Blog

6) Employee Management

7) Bug Tracker

8) Time Sheet

9) Address Book

10) Project Management

11) Survey engine

 12) Stock Manager

13) Property Broker

14) Shop Management

15) Matrimonial

 16) Social Networking

17) Hotel Management

 18) Inventory Management

19) Accounting

20) Transport Management

21) Hospital Management

22) Ecommerce

Etc are the project list on which I will work in future to enhance my knowledge with productive work.

I will share code base and case study also in future

Hope you like it Once again wish you Merry Christmas.


 Rajat Jaiswal

Serialization & De-serialization try it

Serialization :-

Serialization in .NET allows us to take an instance of an object and convert it into a format that is easily transmittable over the network, or even stored in a database or file system.

This object will actually be an instance of a custom type, including any properties or fields you may have set.

Serialization is the process of converting an object into a stream of bytes which is easily transferable over the network and storing its current state on any permanent storage media like file or database for later use.

De- Serialization:-

De-serialization is the reverse process of Serialization, where the stored object is taken and the original object is recreated.

.NET provides classes through its System.Runtime.Serialization namespaces that can be used for serializing and de-serializing objects.

Serialization can be divided into following types:

· Binary Serialization: Binary serialization allows the serialization of an object into a binary stream and restoration from a binary stream into an object.

· XML Serialization: XML serialization allows the public properties and fields of an object to be reduced to an XML document that describes the publicly visible state of the object.

· SOAP Serialization: SOAP serialization is similar to XML serialization in that the objects being serialized are persisted as XML.

Below is example how to make a serialize class

And how to serialize and deserialize class.

<Serializable()> _

Private Class pvt_clsTest

Public strName As String = String.Empty

End Class


Private Sub pvt_SearializeMe()


Dim cls As New pvt_clsTest

cls.strName = Me.txtNeedToSerialize.Text

Dim mem As New MemoryStream()

Dim binaryFormat As New System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary.BinaryFormatter()

binaryFormat.Serialize(mem, cls)

Session(“arr”) = mem.GetBuffer

Me.txtSerialize.Text = mem.ToString


Catch ex As Exception

Throw ex

End Try

End Sub

Private Sub pvt_DeserializeMe(ByVal arr As Byte())

Dim ascEn As New ASCIIEncoding

Dim mem As New MemoryStream(arr)

mem.Position = 0

Dim bf As New System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary.BinaryFormatter()

Dim cls As pvt_clsTest = CType(bf.Deserialize(mem), pvt_clsTest)

Me.txtDeserialize.Text = cls.strName


End Sub

Thanks & enjoy coding