Import PDF data in Power BI–really excited to see

Although, in every month Microsoft Power BI team bringing new features to make Power BI more robust tool.  To add a feather in the cap of Microsoft Power BI tool, Microsoft Power Team introduced a really exciting feature which is import data from PDF.

There is the various scenario where we have to deal with PDF data and do some fruitful operation on it. I hope this new feature will help us in those scenarios where the data source is PDF.

Isn’t it cool? Let’s experience this feature by using some hands on.

Prerequisites: The first and for the most important point is, that it is in feature preview so just download the latest Power BI using following URL.

Once you download then enable the preview feature of import Power BI data using options’ Preview feature item. Just select the option Get data from PDF File


Once you selected the option you might need to restart the power BI.

Now, obviously the next step is to choose the source, in this example, I downloaded a pdf from the Internet and using it. In this data source, we have Employee(Contact Name), Title Company Name Country etc.


Now, go to the new data source and select the data source with option Power BI as shown in below figure


Once you click on the option in the next step provide the source pdf file which needs to import. As you are aware we are importing Contact information related grid.

As you can see in below figure POWER BI imported various table in that specific table.

In this case, we are opting Table001 {page –10)


Once this done. Click OK button and apply


Now, we have PDF  grid data now in the next step just apply some steps to clean the data.  after a few steps like renaming the columns remove extract column and use column header etc. implementation we will get our grid of data imported from PDF.



Now, we can run a  chart to determine the contractor in each country.


so, we have successfully gone through the option of import PDF DATA.

Hope this will come in the main line data source soon.

Happy learning!

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