How to create RESTful WCF Service ?


Hello friends,

Many times you heard about RESTful services. I know most of you pretty much aware also but let me Introduce in my way.

The first question  come to your mind which is

What is REST?

So here is my answer it is Representational State Transfer.

Its all about using HTTP protocol.With the help of this you can perform various action like PUT,GET,POST,DELETE etc.

Suppose you have a student database and want to pull a particular roll number’s record. then in that case you will do following thing

Where 123 is roll number. So with simple URL you can fetch the information similar way you can edit,delete and create student record also with similar type of URL(may be few parameters vary depending on your requirement)

How to create a RESTFUL WCF services ?

Creating RESTFUL WCF service is not a typical part Lets understand it by Step by Step Example

So lets start a new project WCF project as shown in below image i have added one project


Step 2:-

Now  i am adding two methods here which are  basically for showing two different format XML & JASON using REST WCF application. The important point


Step 3:-

Now to make this method as a RESTful service we need to add WebGET attribute as  i am dealing with only Fetching and GET method. as shown in above image.  I am using WebGet but you can try different method like, POST,DELETE,PUT using Web Invoke attribute.

To make this simple to understand i am using Student class with only two property first name & Last Name


Step 4: Below are the two methods in which from one method  we are responding XML & from one method we are returning the JASON.



Once step 4 is done we will configure most the most important part of RESTFUL WCF application which is binding , contract  information etc.


Once the above configuration is done just run the service.

lets run it with fiddler to understand it more.

When we  running the URL with GETData method as shown it below



When we run it we get xml Response as shown below


Now we are running other method using JASON method (as shown in below method)

We will get following response.


So in this way we can create RESTFul application.

You can download  code from

Thanks & Best Regards,

Rajat Jaiswal


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