How to boost performance of my ASP.NET Website ?

Dear Friends,

Why my website is slow?

I know this question come in your mind several times.  So I will try to help in boosting performance of your website with sharing some of the utility which helped me hope it will help you also.
As a developer I know the first basic problem is image optimization. So let us fix the image optimization issue first.  To resolve we are going to use image optimization extension.

To download it goes to Extension manager (Tool –> Extension Manager) and search image optimization. You will get following options as shown in below screen


Now install the image optimization. It will ask to restart the visual studio. Now just right click the image folder of the project.  You will get image optimization menu as shown in below fig.


When you run it you will find that the image in that particular folder is optimized and as a output you will get following screen.


As we already know if the size of the page content over the network is less then it will render fast on client machine. So image optimization help in reducing the network size.
I hope you like this post and it may helpful to you either today or may be in future.
I am going to share some more tips related this topic so stay connected
Thanks & Best Regards,
Rajat jaiswal


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