How to incorporate word press theme in my Razor Blog

Hello friends,
As you know currently I am working on Razor. So I am trying to make a WordPress blog with Razor.Net.
Now the challenging task for me is design. I am not so good in designing so it’s a big deal for me. I just thought to download the WordPress theme and incorporate in My Blog work. So thanks to  free word press theme I just downloaded the technology themes from there you can visit and see the other design.I like Mac Doc wordpress theme so here is the steps which I followed which help you also.
1) Just downloaded  the theme from any free wordpress theme sites
2) Copy all the images in your image folder of site
3) Copy CSS file in your Style folder.
4) Now open your site Layout page
5) Replace the body part of your site layout with default preview page of word press theme which you are looking currently. In my Case (free Mac theme page)
6) Then try make pieces of your design like  in my case on the default page there is a header part, footer part,  Search Box part, Archive Part, Center part (Where we will see post),Tag part, Category part.
7) So what I did I created all this part as a separate page like header.cshtml, footer.cshtml, SearchBox.cshtml, Archive.cshtml, Deafult.cshtml, TagSearch.cshtml, CategorySearch.cshtml.
8) Just cut the part from your site layout for specific items like header, site bar, content, category etc.
9) In SiteLayout page only call this pages. This is the simplest way.
10) Now if I need to incorporate any other Word press theme then I just needs to copy the theme and just need to replay site layout. This is the simplest way I found with Razor.

11) The best part is I just need to create a page cshtml and can place anywhere according to need and it will work like a word press functionality.

I hope you got some idea.
Soon I am going to upload the Blog which will help you to understand the concept of Razor more. It’s a simplest blog creation.
Rajat Jaiswal


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