New Functions in SQL SERVER 2012 ,DENALI (CONCAT)

Hello friends,
This is another post related to new functions in DENALI (SQL SERVER 2012).
So today I am going to discuss “CONCAT” functions .By the name it is clear that it has concatenation property.

Its syntax is very simple.
CONCAT (string1, string2….StringN)
The best part is it handles NULL value also we don’t have to work on NULL value explicitly.
Below is example.
DECLARE @tblFriends AS TABLE (Prefix VARCHAR(10) ,
Fname VARCHAR(200),
LName VARCHAR(100),

INSERT INTO @tblFriends(Prefix,Fname,LName,DOB) VALUES(‘DR’,’Ravindra’,’Verma’,’1/1/1981′)
INSERT INTO @tblFriends(Prefix,Fname,LName,DOB) VALUES(‘Mr’,’Rajul’,’Verma’,’3/3/1981′)
INSERT INTO @tblFriends(Prefix,Fname,LName,DOB) VALUES(‘Sir’,’Suyash’,’Kokje’,’4/4/1981′)
INSERT INTO @tblFriends(Prefix,Fname,LName,DOB) VALUES(‘Sardar’,’Ravindra’,’Dhariwal’,’2/2/1981′)
INSERT INTO @tblFriends(Prefix,Fname,LName,DOB) VALUES(‘Pandit’,’Shyam’,’Purohit’,’5/5/1981′)
INSERT INTO @tblFriends(Fname,LName,DOB) VALUES(‘Shrikant’,’Yadav’,’6/6/1981′)
INSERT INTO @tblFriends(Fname,LName,DOB) VALUES(‘Sawan’,’Gupta’,’7/7/1981′)
INSERT INTO @tblFriends(Fname,LName,DOB) VALUES(‘Pankaj’,’Tomar’,’8/8/1981′)
INSERT INTO @tblFriends(Fname,LName,DOB) VALUES(‘Vaibhav’,’Joshi’,’9/9/1981′)
INSERT INTO @tblFriends(Fname,LName,DOB) VALUES(‘Vikram’,’Chouhan’,’10/10/1981′)
INSERT INTO @tblFriends(Fname,LName,DOB) VALUES(‘Subhash’,’Patidar’,’11/11/1981′)
INSERT INTO @tblFriends(Fname,LName,DOB) VALUES(‘Vinay’,’Karma’,’12/12/1981′)

SELECT CONCAT(Prefix,’ ‘ ,FName, ‘ ‘,LName) AS ConcatName
FROM @tblFriends

When you run the above script you will get following resultset.
DR Ravindra Verma
Mr Rajul Verma
Sir Suyash Kokje
Sardar Ravindra Dhariwal
Pandit Shyam Purohit
Shrikant Yadav
Sawan Gupta
Pankaj Tomar
Vaibhav Joshi
Vikram Chouhan
Subhash Patidar
Vinay Karma

I hope you enjoyed learning this.
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Rajat Jaiswal

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