PHP Code Generator using Dotnet

Hello Friends,

As I said in my earlier post here is the PHP code generator. Currently I am using SQL server Database for code generation. Here are the simple steps to generate PHP code.

Step 1:- Select the database as shown in below screen.

PHP code generator

Step 2:- Just select the table from dropdown whose PHP code you want. And the press button to generate code.

You will get below screen.

PHP code Generator from indiandotnet
Indiandotnet PHP Code Generator

Step3:- The first textbox text is the source code for PHP add/edit page so just copy the code and save as a “.php” file.

Step 4:- The second textbox text is the source code for view data in tabular format and delete record. So just save the text in a file with extension “.PHP”.
Step 5:- Just remember the file name should reflect in code page also like form method page name and delete page.
The above step generates HTML, PHP & JAVA script code just few clicks and minor changes and you will be able to do PHP.Please find the code at Download Code

I hope you like the way.

Enjoy coding.Enjoy dot net.
Thanks & Esteemed Regards,

Rajat Jaiswal


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