Stored Procedure Generator using

Dear All,
I hope you have great time.   Sometimes it happens that you have lot of work load and you have to deliver within time limits on the same time you have to make your coding consistency.  If I think about me then I can say I am not going to compromise at least my coding style while the work load is high. So I just got idea to write some useful programs or tools which help me in finishing work as fast as possible.
So I created different utilities which generate following things
1) SQL Server Stored Procedure Generator
2) Dot net Code Generator  (Three tire architecture using typed Dataset)
3) Dot net Code Generator ( Three tire architecture  using Entity class)
4) PHP   Code generator 

In future I am interested in WCF & WPF & Silverlight code generator according to my coding style.
In this post I am giving SQL server Stored Procedure Code. It is basically a web application and you have to setup this web application and it will work as per your need.
Here is some screenshots take a look

Login screen  Rajat Jaiswal

Rajat Jaiswal
You can download code from

In Next   post I will share dot net code generator till than b bye.

Rajat Jaiswal


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