website in hindi or other native language with simple steps

Dear all,
For Indian its great news that you can now create web site in your native language like Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil etc.
Kudos to Microsoft for introducing “Microsoft Indic Language” with help of this we can easily create web site in any language without doing much efforts.
So here we go  with the sample  and things to remember with simple step

Step 1:- Add following line in your html page

input type=”hidden” id=”MicrosoftILITWebEmbedInfo” attachMode=”optout” value=””

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”” defer=”defer”></script>

Remember here:  I am using hindi here that’s why i used hindi.js you can use your own choice.
Step 2:- Add new attribute with each input control which is “MicrosoftILITWebAttach” as shown in below.
<    asp:TextBox ID=”txtPost” runat=”server” MicrosoftILITWebAttach=”true”             ></asp:TextBox>

Step 3:- If you want to store this value in database the just remember all the field which contain string data type should be “NVARCHAR”
Otherwise your searching will not work and all the data will be change to question mark instead of actual data.

Step 4:- for searching in database hindi text or text which you insert you have to use following syntax

SELECT * FROM tblPost where postName =N’प्रोफेसर’
So Enjoy



7 thoughts on “ website in hindi or other native language with simple steps

  1. Hi Rajat, it is nice.
    can you please tell me what a resource file is? and how I can show the complete web page (generally Home, About, Contact etc. including Header, Menu tabs, main content, sidebars, footer) in Hindi.
    Please help me .

    1. Hi Vikas,

      In the post you saw how to create a resource file.
      The resource file is like your language repository where you will keep value for particular label , header , menu etc. if your web page is static then you can save each entry in resource file like home ,about ,contact us etc.

      and if it is dynamic or coming from database then either save the value in that particular language in database or use And other option is you can use Google page translation also.

      you can also check

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