Log Shipping – A way for disaster management

 Hello friends,

Today we will  see  how log shipping is helpful to us. so just checkout basic first  then we will  implement it.

What is Log Shipping?

 Log Shipping is another one of most fascinating feature provided by SQL Server for disaster management. With the help of this technique we can update keep distributed copy of our database on another server. It can backup transaction log, restore them, distribute them to different location. To achieve this automated process SQL server used SQL server job agents.

Or we can say Log shipping has following functionality

  • It backups transaction log of main server
  • It  transfers transaction log to predefine distributed location
  • It restore transaction log to secondary server


What is the initial requirement for achieving the Log shipping?

Log shipping is handle with SQL server 2005 version onwards no other  extra software or hardware require to achieve this.

What are the different terminologies used for Log Shipping?

For Log shipping we have used following terminologies  

  • Primary server:-

Primary server is main server from where we have to copy the database transaction log it contain main database or primary database server.

  • Secondary Server :-

Secondary server is another server or we can say its stand by server on which transaction log is restored to maintain database availability. The secondary database can have same database objects & data after Log shipping.

  • Monitor server :-

Monitor server by name it’s clear that it maintain or monitoring the activity of log shipping.

   What are the benefits of Log Shipping?

  • Easy  to implement   no extra efforts required to maintain it
  • No extra software or hardware required
  • Fast then other previous backup process
  • Multiple secondary server is available

What the unlike things with Log Shipping?

The things which we can say not like for our use is

  • No automated failover recovery  we have to manually shift the server  setting to activate secondary server  when primary server is down
  • It not reflects immediate effect on secondary server.
  • Log shipping cannot be scripted it means you cannot mimic production server logs hipping to testing server.
  • Possible Database Loss if primary server fails.
  • Difficult troubleshooting

In next few post i will show how to implement Log shipping.

Till than enjoy the  SQL Server.




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