How to find Mobile Location and provider ?

Dear all,
Today we are going to do some interesting things which are find mobile location with dot net.
Many time we got wrong number but we don’t know from where it comes with the help of this utility you are near about that location and service provider.
If you are not aware of mobile number system then it is too exciting for you just like me before I started this project.
Actually this utility not giving exact location but it gives the state and capital combination means near about that location you can find the mobile.
To understand the project we started with Mobile Number system.
The starting 4 number in any mobile number in India is pre decided by TRIA (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India).
This starting 4 number is called MSC code (Mobile Switching center).
This 4 number decide which provide giving his service to which area of India.
Here provider means IDEA, BSNL, AIRTEL etc.
As I got this information what I did I collect all the provider information first.
Secondly I find all area detail of India. And last but not the least prefixes 4 digit of mobile number in different area with providers.
Once I got this I made a database with this three combination
1) lkuArea table:- in this I keep area code, state Name, state Capital
2) lkuServiceProvider table – in this I keep provider code, provider name, provider web site
3) tblMobileCode table – in this we keep MSC code, lngAreaId, lngService Provider id.

Once I did this. Then I inserted the data according to the need of application. I have created utility to import Excel to our Mobile Track database.

Then I thought instead of showing the simple location why not we use Google map.
So I used Google map to point out position.

In this way we created this task.

You can checkout the code at

More over in next couple of week I will show you how to track your mobile’s real time position.
It’s also very interesting thing.
Please give you your feedback on this.

Rajat Jaiswal

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