WPF Windows Persentaion Foundation with me PART- I

Hello friends,

Today we will discuss one of the most popular technologies which are silver light.
Before going forward you have some query in your mind. As I have so we will first solve that. See following questions.
1. What is Silver light?
Answer: – Silver Light is programmable web browser plug in, that enable feature such like vector graphics, animation and audio, video play back. It provide cross browser compatibility.
Its main aim to provide RIA (Rich Internet Application).Its Consistency with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). XAML (extensible Application Markup Language) is base of Silver light.
Its main use to provide end user a rich web application experience
Silver light basically used for RIA (Rich Internet Application) and with help of it we can make user friendly and all browser supported web sites.

2. What is XAML?
Answer: – XAML is core of Windows Presentation foundation. Its full form is Extensible Application Markup Language it’s just like a xml language with certain fixed tags. Like canvas, rectangle, grid etc…

3) From where I can download toolkit?
Answer: – We can download silver light 3.0 toolkits from http://www.silverlight.net site which is official site.

Here I will explain basic example of silver light. We are going to make a simple add 2 integer programs. I know you all aware of this but I started this for step by step progress in silver light.
For this you have to first install 3.0.
Once you have installed silver light 3.0 you will get following projects in asp.net new project window. Just select silver light application in this.


Once you have selected this then next screen comes up for the web site or web application selection. As shown below. I have selected web application.


After selecting web application project you will get 2 projects in your solution explorer one is for silver light in which there will be .XAML file. And another one is web application which is used to call XAML file in the compile format which is called XAP.

Now we start our actual work of making 2 digit sums in silver light application
For this we have to select mainPage.xaml.
In this XAML page we have to put all the control which is requiring like textbox, label or Text Block and button.
Suppose we have to add a TextBlock in page then see below lines

 Here x:Name is like id in our ASPX page it should be unique. Grid.Row = 0 and grid.column =0 shows position in grid.

Now similarly if you want to add a label and Textbox and button then
You have to follow below code.
<dataInput:Label x:Name=”lblResult” Grid.Row=”3″ Grid.ColumnSpan=”2″ HorizontalAlignment=”Center”></dataInput:Label>

<TextBox x:Name=”txtSecond” Width=”100″ HorizontalAlignment=”Left” Grid.Row=”1″ Grid.Column=”1″></TextBox >

< Button Name=”btnAdd” Content=”Add” Click=”btnAdd_Click” Width=”100″Grid.Row=”2″ Grid.ColumnSpan=”2″ HorizontalAlignment = “Center” >
</Button >
So the main this which you have to concentrate for alignment, colors.
In Next post we will come up with some solid project base & tool kit understanding.

till than  happy programming.



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