How to change VS.NET 2008 IDE colorful and make it attractive in 5 minutes?

Hello friends,
I know you are some time bored by same IDE. So here I am helping you out to make your IDE environment colorful as shown below fig.


Microsoft gives you full hands on IDE Environment to make your IDE attractive and enjoy dot net programming.
So for this you have to follow below steps.
1) Go to tool –> import and export Setting

2) Select the option as shown below.

3) In next step you can save your existing IDE Settings as shown below fig.

4)in next step just browse your require IDE settings (all the IDE settings has extension “VSSettings”) Like “rajat.vsSettings” just browse the file and click on finish button and what you will see is amazed cool coloful VS IDE.

I have attached some of the files just rename them with .vsSettings.

1) Colourful black

2) IndianTouch


Remember to rename this doc file to “.VsSettings”

Just use the wizard and you will get attractive IDE.
So enjoy colorful programming and IDE.
Make your coding colorful.

Thanks & regards
Rajat Jaiswal