User Define Function Problems in SQL Server

Hello Friends,

First of all sorry for such a late post it just because I have lot of tension now a days 🙂

So today we start a new topic in which I stuck User Define Functions in SQL Server.

By the name use think User Define function is so easy just like store procedure.

So I will yes it just like sql server but it has some limitaion which I am facing.

These are

1)We can not use try catch Block in User define functions.

2) We can use Execute sp_ExecuteSQL in UDF.

3) we can not use Execute(sqlStatement) in UDF.

4) we can not use getDate() in UDF.

5) we can not call a store procedure however we can call extended store procedures.

6) We can not User Temporary table in UDF.

The solution of it which I used made a CLR function.

If you found another solution than share it with me.

Enjoy programming 🙂

Enjoy Sql Server 🙂

Thanks & Regards

Rajat Jaiswal


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