How to make money by your website? Part -I


“Money” wao after having this everything is going smooth in life but the thing is how to make money.

yup this is the bigger question after doing a lot of hard work but still we getting same amount. so here i am  for giving you some extra tips how to make some money.

Actaually internet gives us lots of ways to make money in that  ways i will mention  here some of the links  which is useful and helpfull in revenue genrate.

so my first link is

1) :-
The  Rent A coder  is  the site which provide you a way to grabe online project  and you don’t have time to work on project then you can just use affilation programs by which you can also  or make money.

for more help click below image

2) :-
My another link is 
 From this site also you can earn money by grab projects do online project. and same if you don’t want to work on projects then just use affilation programs  by which you can also earn money.

for more help click on below image
Get custom programming done at!

Another most popular link in
On this web site you can get lots of project in diffrent language.
but if you don’t have money and wana earn money then just use affilation programs.
for more information just click the below image.
Freelance Jobs

I will provide many more useful sites in next post.

Thanks & Regards
Rajat Jaiswal

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